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April 9th 2024



The larp will run in the centre of Tampere, Finland during A Week in Finland for Solmukohta 2024
The venue for 3 AM Forever is to be announced.


Number of participants
Up to 85 participants.



To Be Announced

Participants will create characters using the Larpweaver system. Character creation is reminiscent of how it worked in larps such as Enlightenment in Blood, Parliament of Shadows and Tuhannen viillon kuolema (Death By a Thousand Cuts). In Larpweaver, the participant makes choices to assemble a character out of prewritten material.

All characters are actors, theatre professionals, critics, drug dealers, musicians, and the like. They're coming to a strange party so if you feel like dressing up, now's the time to wear that thing you've never had the right occasion to wear. As to the fae, they blend in with the crowd in the sense that when everyone's a weirdo, it's hard to distinguish the truly different. This means that subtle fae touches in makeup or costume are good.

Note: Don't include a mask in your costume. Masks will have a specific game mechanical function.

Photo policy
3 AM Forever will be documented in photos and video. After the larp, the photo galleries and video will be made available for participants before released to the public. At that time, you can request the removal of any photo or video in which you appear.


Please join our Facebook group for future information.

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