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Tickets Available here!

Come play the glitter junkie, the dancing queen, the failed actor, the slutty gigolo or the party derelict! The fae wonders lurking in the shadow of the Orpheus Theatre await you!

This is a first come first served sale. You are allowed to buy tickets for up to three people at a time. If you do that, we will contact you to get contact information for all of you at a later time.
We have 85 spots available.

- Regular Ticket      85,- Eur — (For every ticket sold, we can offer another subsidized ticket)
- Sponsor Ticket   105,- Eur
- Subsidized Ticket 65 Eur — (Please only buy this ticket if your finances are really tough)

Follow this link for tickets

If we sell out, don't worry, we will have more runs in the very near future. The larp has been designed to be easily run in various locations and we really want to travel with the larp. So we might come to your city in the future. If you do not get a ticket we will have a waiting list.

In a few weeks, you will receive an email about how the character selection process will be. And a guide to character outfits. You will also get the possibility to sign up for the po
st larp Saturday brunch and other activities at this time. But much more on that later.

For all practical info click here.



The Small Print

Player selection will happen at a "first come, first served" basis.

The payment of the participation fee is part of the sign-up process.

You can't sign up without paying the fee. We reserve the right to refuse a sign-up if we feel that the presence of a particular participant will cause difficulties for the larp. If this happens to you, your fee will be refunded.

Refund policy
Tickets are not refundable. If you choose to sell your ticket to someone else, we require that you arrange it together with the organizers with the understanding that we may refuse participation in the larp to anyone if the candidate is damaging to the larp.



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